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Florian Zibert

Visionary, source of impetus, head of TEDx Munich

He's the founder, owner and managing director of Zibert+Friends consulting. His drive: passion for people. His mission: to make companies (including us) fit for the future. He initiates and accompanies transformation processes and he always has the customer in mind, so he lives Consumer Centric on the meta-level, so to speak.



DLD Media


Steffi Czerny

She's an unconditional humanist and a passionate networker

She's managing director of DLD Media GmbH. She loves to bring people together. And she's damn good at it. Together with Hubert Burda, she launched the DLD Conference and made it into a global brand. She has been gathering the digital elite there since 2005. There are probably some people who would kill to get their hands on her address book. She doesn’t fit into any pigeonhole. She'd rather think ahead than laterally.

Speech: "A good network is not a network"

Tom Wallmann

Bogner, Engel & Völkers, Marc O'Polo

He's a thoroughbred marketing strategist. He provides consulting services for Bogner, Engel & Völkers and many other companies. He served as marketing director at Marc O'Polo for five years, where his greatest triumphs included campaigns with Jeff Bridges, Robbie Williams and Uma Thurman. And he's gifted with an unerring instinct for brands. 100% customer orientation is the minimum for Tom Wallmann. That’s why he has always viewed consumer centric not as hype, but simply as a fundamental precondition for success.

Speech: "A Plea for Creativity"


Marketing Strategist


Adrian van Hooydonk

Lead designer of BMW i, MINI & Rolls-Royce

He's a generalist, a designer and a visionary with a strong sense for business. A designer, yes, but not just any designer: he heads all the design teams in the BMW Group. BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce: these brands and many others bear his signature – and have done so for more than a decade. He understands design as part of the big picture, not as an autonomous and self-contained discipline. First and foremost, design must arouse emotions. But life goes on inside the car, too. So design must connect with the other products that surround the customer. And it must connect with them in every respect: stylistically and literally. This is Adrian van Hooydonk's philosophy – and it perfectly expresses the Consumer Centric idea.

Speech: "Are we there yet?"


BMW Group Design





Florian Kaps

Master of the temple of analogue delicacies "Supersense"

Doc is an entrepreneurial jack of all trades from Vienna. He's profoundly fascinated and impressed by the magic of analogue media. He wins the battle to save endangered technologies from extinction. He tirelessly promotes the post-digital rethinking of reality. He likes products you can not only hear and see, but also taste, touch and smell – products made with heart, soul AND professional expertise.

Speech: "The reality's comeback"

Benedikt Böckenförde

Millionaire: not in banknotes, but in fans and followers

He's the founder and CEO of Visual Statements. He understands the target group of the millennial generation better than anyone else. Brands like Samsung, Milka and Adidas trust him. And rightly so. He wasn't really interested in making money, but in making good content. That was 2011, and somehow his page became the most popular Facebook brand in Germany. Just like that.

Speech: "The Millennial Code – Advertising in social media" PDF Download


Visual Statements



A genuine superwoman


Sabine Schmittwilken

Head of Global Brand Management & Social Media, innogy

Innogy - a brand which she created and launched. Her keyword: a new beginning. And that definitely was one. With the “Project restart” campaign, she impressively demonstrated how a new beginning can succeed. Schmittwilken’s formula for success: openness to new ideas, a savvy sense for the spirit of the times, curiosity coupled with strategic thinking, creativity and – last but certainly not least – courage. Despite all this, Schmittwilken is also genuinely likable. An example? There’s a karaoke video of her on innogy’s official YouTube channel. This probably makes her unique among executives in her industry. We think it’s pretty cool and we’re looking forward to a visit from a genuine superwoman!

Speech: "How innogy learned to love its customers"


UNFOLDED Festival 2019

A Huge Success: With a focus on "Consumer Centric," the UNFOLDED Festival took place for the second time on the "Gmund Campus" on October 23 and 24, 2019.

The Design and Print Festival attracted 1,200 visitors from all over the world to the Mangfall Valley, where Gmund Paper once again presented itself in an unusual setting, directlywhere its products are manufactured, as the host for creative people, designers, and print and mediaspecialists.

The festival offered a full two-day program. In addition to the 400 best printed objects from the renowned Gmund Award, which was presented for the sixth time on October 23, fifty-two international exhibitors from the fields of design, printing, brand and materiality showed their skills in the paper mill's production halls.

Eight first-rate speakers, including BMW's head designer Adrian van Hooydonk and Benedikt Böckenförde, the founder and CEO of Visual Statements, explored the complex topic of "Consumer Centric" from diverse points of view and offered the guests numerous new perspectives and ample creative input. A panel discussion with Steffi Czerny, co-founder and managing director of DLD Media, rounded out the program in the paper mill’s Conference Hall. Florian Zibert, founder of Zibert + Friends consulting GmbH, adroitly emceed the program.

Axel Brosch

Salewa, Dynafit, Wild Country, POMOCA

An old hand with a young mind and many years of experience in the sporting goods industry, he knows how to position a brand in a competitive market. His USP: real passion. He prefers to personally test the products that he sells. As a passionate mountaineer, Axel Brosch fits “his” brands like a hand fits a glove. And he also fits us very well. Why? Because like Gmund, Oberalp too is a traditional family business with its finger on the pulse of the times. Sustainability is important, as is origin, and the latter is in the mountains. Haven’t we heard that before somewhere?

Speech: "Authenticity is key"


Oberalp Group


That's what it was like: UNFOLDED 2019

"Ein so toller Spirit, ein wahnsinniges Statement zu Kreativität und Perfektionismus – ich verneige mich in Ehrfurcht. Besser geht es nicht."

"Nochmals Danke für die fantastische Veranstaltung." | "Congrats on pulling together such a complex event so successfully!"

"Congratulations for the successful event – UNFOLDED." | "… was soll ich sagen?!? Chapeau!"
"Gmund ruft und die grafische Gemeinde pilgert in Masse und Klasse!" | "Das war stark Gmund!"


Throwback: UNFOLDED 2018


Creative as hell



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